Although we do not encourage the use of illegal drugs, sometimes mistakes happen and things slip under your tongue. If that mistake coincides with this Bushwick Open Studios weekend then make sure to read this guide before the letters start moving and crawling on your skin like bugs. Enjoy the ride!

Shamus Clisset

Shamus Clisset @ Storefront Ten Eyck, 324 Ten Eyck St (SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Realities mixed into a game of memories composed as fully 3D digital environments will take your mind to very interesting places. Don’t miss the opening in the new Storefront Ten Eyck space on Saturday 7-10PM.

Eilleen Weitzman

Eileen Weitzman @ 56 Bogart #4J (FRI 2-9PM, SAT-SUN 12-7PM)

Sculptures that look like distorted and colorful doll houses. Mixed media and paintings taken out of surreal dreams and colors that will elevate the colorful rainbows that you will be seeing.

Katie Torn

Michael Mallis and Katie Torn @ 56 Bogart St #224 (SAT-SUN 12-7PM) 

A world of dystopic fantasy created through satirical drawings and 3D animations will amplify even your wildest imaginations.

Gwyneth Scally

Gwyneth Scally and Aaron Miller @ 513 Johnson Ave #16 (SAT-SUN 12-7PM) 

Jellyfish, coal salt cellars, naked men in graveyards and Queen Anne chairs. Need we say more?

Bushwick Dimensions

Null Set Games @ Gamepad 3000 Experimental Arcade, 176 Knickerbocker Ave #4R (SAT-SUN 12-7PM) 

If you believe that you are being chased by video game monsters or that Bushwick looks like the Super Mario world, you are either tripping hard or you are visiting this studio.

Travis Poston

Travis Poston @ 138 Manhattan Ave, #2 (SAT-SUN 12-7PM) 

Shapes moving erratically in space, creating psychedelic paintings out of acrylic paint, oil based paint pens, and ink on plywood and canvas. Follow this artist on the colorful paths he has made with his shapes.

A scene from the Trip House @ Publishing House, 74 Cornelia St (SAT 12-7PM) 

The building previously known as the infamous Trip House offers multiple floors of psychedelia and surprises in every room. Lose yourself in a maze of trippiness.

Zoo Time @ 405 Johnson Ave (SAT-SUN 12-7PM) 

How can you pass on the psychedelic deceptive fantasy cave of Kae Burke’s design? How can you not wander through the visual mind of Mae Be? How could you not interact with Jamie Neumann’s choreography? The answer is in the glitter animals.

Lisa Levy & Phil Buehler @ 56 Bogart (FRI-SAT 12-7PM, SUN 12-6PM)

Have you always wanted but were afraid to ask? Now you can meet our famous advice columnist and a self-proclaimed psychotherapist, Dr. Lisa in person, and ask her about all your problems! Dr. Lisa will be showing her text based paintings of “The Thoughts in My Head.” Ego Evaluation charts and “Say it With”… Emotion Condoms will be for sale. Her husband Phil just finished a 10-year long project about folksinger/songwriter/activist Woody Guthrie’s last years at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, and will be showing a mock up of the book.