Katarina Hybenova


There used to be a time in our beloved neighborhood (think circa 2013) during which a public outroar of joy and/or frustration followed whenever Bushwick appeared in pop culture. (Remember that hilarious SNL sketch or Lena Dunham photoshoot for Vogue? Or well, the thriller called “Bushwick“?)

In 2018 we’re somewhat more relaxed and when a camera points our direction, we just nod and go about our business. Still it was kinda fun to see our neighborhood starring in “Fagin,” the second episode of the second season of the excellent HBO show, “High Maintenance,” which premiered this past Friday. (No worries, we won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it yet.)

It’s only fitting that the episode opens at a group taking a street art tour — in French. A couple of adorable boomer parents are in Bushwick to visit their daughter who has booked an Airbnb loft for them. (“It’s illegal but not illegal but really is illegal,” explains the daughter.) We follow their anxiety about the accommodation as well as an unexpected …. roommate. The other part of the episode revolves around a group of women, who in another loft in the same building, are getting ready for the second Women’s March.

The episode was nothing short of awesome, just as we’ve grown to expect from the creators Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld.

Thanks to you, our lovely readers, we know that this episode was filmed last April on Seigel Street. We suspect that this season of “High Maintenance” has more Bushwick up its sleeve because last May, the show filmed a giant costume party at House of Yes, having invited the glittery public to be a part of the shoot.

If you haven’t watched the second season of “High Maintenance” yet, jump on it, even if you don’t have HBO — the first episode is available for streaming for free.