Earth to Bushwick: Brobot Johnson Is Calling

Evan Haddad


Imagine this:

One hundred years from now, a race of rapping androids known as Brobots are spreading peace and love across the universe. They do it through looped vocals, rhymes, and beat-boxing — art forms that have survived the test of time and the L train shutdown.

To androids, it’s “The Brobot Johnson Experience.” Ticket sellers call it a solo sci-fi rap concert. A century later, it seems little has changed.

But you don’t need to live till 2118 to see “The Brobot Johnson Experience.” This Afrofuturism transmedia piece is headed to the Bushwick Starr on Feb. 24.

The New York Times calls Afrofuturism “…a political and cultural genre that projects black space voyagers, warriors and their heroic like into a fantasy landscape, one that has long been the province of their mostly white counterparts.”

At its core, Afrofuturism is about reimagining what the African American experience was and what it could be. The show aims to inspire both contemporaries and young people of color to tell outside-of-the-box-stories like Brobot Johnson.

Written and performed by Darian Dauchan, who has appeared in on and Off-Broadway, “The Brobot Johnson Experience” promises to be an entertaining, if not delightfully perplexing experience — one which we eagerly await. 

Cover image courtesy of the Bushwick Starr

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