Photos: Bushwig 2017 Celebrated Everything that Makes Drag Great

Darragh Dandurand

Photographer + Writer

Bushwig 2017 was a sight to behold. Now in its magnificent sixth year, the festival has grown leaps and bounds and is certainly bigger than most of the wigs worn over the course of the two-day lineup. 

Queens from all over came out of their walk-in closets to celebrate one another and the complex art of drag at Knockdown Center over the weekend. We captured the best looks and are still shaking glitter out of our hair!

This DIY space cadet beamed back to earth just for Bushwig 2017.

New day. New lashes.

Party-starters: anytime, anywhere.

Mama came to get down!

This girl gang came best dressed just to mess.

No doubt, Mondrian would be absolutely flattered. 

No need to clutch your pearls, honey. She’s got plenty to share.

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Satan came to party.

Namilia never looked so good.

Check out the gallery below!

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