Magdalena Waz


Radiohead just released “OKNOTOK,” a reissue of their seminal album “OK Computer” featuring remastered B-sides and a few unreleased tracks. One of those tracks, “Man of War,” was shot in a few innocuous locations in East Williamsburg, Patch reports.

The video shows a man hanging out on a bench in Cooper Park during both day and night hours before the nighttime version of events begins to upset him. His journey takes him along Morgan Avenue, through industrial areas, and onto the train tracks near Scott Avenue where he is finally caught by his “demons.”

The song itself has been a Radiohead superfan favorite for years now even though it has been technically unreleased for nearly 20 years before last Friday. Particularly unsettling is the chorus which features Thom Yorke wailing, “The worms will come for you, big boots.”

In Bushwick, the worms are more likely to be rats, but point taken.

Featured image still from video.