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Update: A previous version of this article included that BOYTOY would perform at Our Wicked Lady on June 9th. The venue has informed us that this is no longer the case. However, you can still catch BOYTOY this weekend Our Wicked Lady.

Summer is upon us! In North Brooklyn, that means Northside Festival is as well. Northside Festival is the annual week-long arts, music, and innovation festival all throughout Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick.

The music portion of the festival takes place from June 9 to 11. Below we’ve rounded up a list of all the shows you can catch in Bushwick and East Williamsburg this year. Overwhelmed by options? Narrow it down with our editors’ choices at the bottom.

 Lantern Hall
52 Harrison Pl.

6/9 – All Types of Kinds, B.R. Mackie, Belle Skinner, Gold Stars for Everyone, Hayes Peebles, Mama Juke, Maria Colores, Megg Farrell, Mizuna, Niall Connolly

 Terra Firma
119 Ingraham St.

6/9 – Big Bliss, Monograms, Russian Baths

 Our Wicked Lady
153 Morgan Ave.

6/9 – Dead Leaf Echo, Lost Boy?, Raccoon Fighter, Wet Leather

6/10 – Suburban Living

1031 Grand St.

6/8 – Ciarra Black, CL, Cuddle Magic, Horoscope, Larkin Grimm, Pelada, Renata Zeiguer, Shilpa Ray

6/10 – Fond Han, Peaer, Tall Friend, Thelma, Two Inch Astronaut, Washer

 Cape House
2 Knickerbocker Ave.

6/9 – Dead Stars, Grim Streaker, Sharkmuffin, Slang King

6/10 – G.S. Sultan, Giant Claw, Kate NV, Machine Girl, Maharadja Sweets, Seth Graham

 Pine Box rock Shop
12 Grattan St.

6/9 – Tongues Unknown, Dirty Bird, Dru Cutler & The Heart and Hand Band, Echo Moth, Inalukt

140 Wilson Ave.

6/8 – Meatbodies

6/9 – Hidden Ritual, Joe Mcphee & Tashi Dorji & M. Geddas Gengras, Lie, Soft Healer                

6/10 – Future Punx, Heaven’s Gate, Weeping Icon

The full line-up.

Its a long list, so you’ll have to pick and choose what you attend. To help, we asked some of our contributors and local Bushwickers for their input on the bands. 

Fashion writer Ruthie swears by Megg Farrell, the singer-songwriter with an “incredible, Billie Holiday-esque jazz voice.”

Our very own managing editor Magdalena suggests seeing a some of the musicians associated with Unit J, the artist collective warehouse off the Wilson L: Dru Cutler & The Heart and Hand Band, Mama Juke, and B.R. Mackie are all noteworthy. Also, she has been a fan of Dead Leaf Echo since her college radio days.

No matter your musical preference, Northside Festival is filled with many talented artists worth seeing. We’re lucky to have so many of them right here in our backyard. Be sure to snag tickets for your favorite bands here. Or buy a badge and get access to all the events all week long. Kick off the summer right, Bushwick!


Northside Festival

An annual, week-long arts, music, and innovation festival throughout Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick.

 Multiple locations

 June 7 – 11, 2017

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All images courtesy of Northside Festival.