Souvernir – Camel Art Space said Good Bye

By Katarina Hybenova

The wooden camel behind the window of Camel Art Space was wearing a festive red cravat that night, and despite it was looking very fancy, I could see the sadness in its eyes. Its days of fame when it stood proudly as the mascot of Camel Art Space were leaning quickly towards the end.  This weekend, Camel Art Space said the last good bye to the space at 722 Metropolitan Ave. Camel Art Space and Tom Marquet took this occasion to threw one last show for us to keep as a memory, or Souvernir if you like….

The concept was simple and yet so entertaining and engaging. The artists previously featured in a show at Camel Art Space were asked to create a souvernir of their work, a memento, or an object that one could purchase at a gift shop. Almost 40 artists created fun merchendise following the line of their own work. Postcard, mugs, T-shirts, tote bags… You could tell that the artists had a lot of fun when coming up with their pieces, and this ease in creation made for a really great and fun show. Here is a little sample.










PS: Camel Art Space is dead, but long live Parallel Art Space! Yes, Camel Art Space members made a move to 1717 Troutman building, and started fresh under a new name, Parallel Art Space. They have their 1st show coming up in April, and the rumor says it will be great…!

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