It’s here people! Go to the Bushwick streets and dance, others will join you and the entire township of Bushwick will dance like in a musical!

Then take your great, by-the-spring-infused mood, and go to these 5 amazing events this weekend, because we think that these are the top choices!

#1 Body Actualized Grand Opening Party (Saturday, from 3pm)

We are super-excited that this strange neighborhood gem, a mixture of yoga, event and vegan specialty space is re-opening at 143 Troutman. Their whole day and night event promises vibey food, comsic yoga, ecstatic dancing, live music, DJs, and next level visuals! We love all of it (although we are not sure what are the next level visuals, but we’re sure it’s something good ;-)). Go, and celebrate with these great people!

#2 Josh Harty live in a Bushwick apartment! (Saturday at 8PM)

This is exactly the kind of Bushwick event we love. DIY show of a songwriter who is returning from his Europe travels to his home Brookyn. These guys are inviting you to their Bushwick apartment at 1329 Myrtle Ave. Go, bring some beers and have fun! Oh, and dance!

#3 Go Figure Closing Party with music and a DJ @ 950 Hart Gallery! (7pm to 2am)

In case you missed great art show Go Figure in the craziness of the last Beat Nite, you have a chance to see its closing! Furthermore, 950 Hart guys are promising a lot of fun! They invited electronic Dysfunction and our beloved DJ jojoSoul who spins like a mad machine! See ya all there! Oh, and dance!

#4 Book Launch @ Secret Project Robot (Friday, at 8PM)

Ian Caskey wrote a book called Dollshouse Mountain, and that deserves a party! Come to experimental art space Secret Project Robot at 389 Melrose, and celebrate with dancing!

#5 Arianna Carossa @ NURTUREart (Friday at 7pm)

NUTRUREart has an art opening of Argo, a show by sculptor Arianna Carossa who won the 2011/2012 open call for Artists and Curators. Festivities with great art – nothing can go wrong!


Full weekly event listings can be found here