This Jason Reitman-helmed comedy transformed a long stretch of Troutman Avenue into the set of a comedy about motherhood written by Oscar winner Diablo Cody. The casting call was a little suspect, so don’t be surprised in Bushwick or Brooklyn in general become the butt of some jokes here come 2017.

Photo: Charlize Theron by Georges Biard, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


“Bull” is basically the same as House, but

instead of Hugh Laurie, we get Michael Weatherly, and instead of a hospital, we get a courtroom. The show appeared to have rushed back into production after a full season order from CBS came through, and if you tune in,

you’ll be rewarded with at least one scene shot in Market Hotel.

Photo: Still from “Bull,” courtesy of the show’s Facebook page.

The Comedian

Remember that time back in March when Bushwick got 100,000 times cooler when Robert De Niro decided to appear on its streets? “The Comedian” appears to be about the life of an aging comic, but even though the film had a limited release and premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival over the weekend, we’ll have to wait another two weeks to find out more details and to see the Belvidere Street location transformed.

Photo: Robert De Niro courtesy of The Comedian’s Facebook page.


Claire Danes herself appeared in scenes on Bushwick’s streets for this critically-acclaimed Showtime series. The first episode of season

six premieres on Sunday so you might get a glimpse of the Garden Playground they shot in sooner rather than later.

Photo: Claire Danes courtesy of Homeland’s Facebook page.

The Deuce

Everyone’s favorite multitasker James Franco has been in and out of Bushwick shooting “The Deuce,” an HBO series about porn and the 70s which seems to heavily feature Tina’s Restaurant. No release date has been set, which may mean the production has suffered any number of set backs.

Photo: James Franco by Angela George, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Master of None

This Emmy award-winning Netflix show starring Aziz Ansari shot on Starr Street last year, a perfect setting for a comedy about dating and living in New York City. The exceedingly bingeable show does not have a release date set for season two yet, but we can’t wait to see our neighborhood in it.

Photo: Aziz Ansari, courtsy of the Master of None Facebook page.


What started out as an Above Average web series might become a kooky Comedy Central show in which comedians share personal stories while playing all of the characters in the reenactment. The identity of the comedian who used Bushwick as their setting is still under wraps, and the show does not have a premiere date yet.

Photo: Nicole Byer in “Storytime,” courtesy of Above Average.

Mozart in the Jungle

Who doesn’t love Gael Garcia Bernal? In this Amazon Original Comedy, Garcia Bernal plays

an eccentric orchestra conductor who has a thing with the young oboist Hailey, played by Lola Kirke. In the first season at least, Hailey lived in something that looked like a Bushwick loft, and we’re excited to see more!

Photo: Still from “Mozart in the Jungle,” courtesy of the show’s Facebook page.


You either love Batman or you don’t care either way. This version of the Batman story revolves around detective James Gordon who was most recently portrayed in film by Gary Oldman in the Nolan Batmans and JK Simmons in some other Batmans. Anyway, for better or worse this Batman story is still going strong after three seasons.

Photo: Still from the series, courtesy of the “Gotham” Facebook page.

Mr. Robot

This topical show about the surveillance state and cyber-security perfectly encapsulates

what’s going on in our world right now, which is why the star Rami Malek keeps on winning all

of those acting awards. There’s no set date for season three’s release, but people paying attention suggest it’ll happen sometime around summer.

Photo: Rami Malek at SXSW by Daniel Benavides, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.