A Bushwick Photographer’s Collaboration With Shepard Fairey Has Already Impacted the Women’s March

One protest image that will be in wide circulation at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. this coming Saturday has roots in Bushwick.

Local photographer Delphine Diallo worked with street artist Shepard Fairey on the piece. Fairey, whose portrait of Barack Obama is immediately recognizable to anyone who lived through the 2008 presidential election, illustrated a peaceful Diallo portrait (pictured below at center).

“We the people protect each other,” reads the caption on the Diallo-Fairey collaboration.

The portrait is one of six images produced by the progressive organization Amplifier Foundation as part of a campaign called “We the People,” which aims to “disrupt the rising tide of hate and fear in America” with public art that will be widely available to marchers at the action in D.C. the day after the election.

The march is still in the future, but the images have already proven extraordinarily popular. A Kickstarter was launched as part of the campaign that aimed to fund full-page ads featuring the images in the January 21 edition of The Washington Post. The campaign reached its $60,000 goal quickly, and the total amount donated is quickly approaching the $100,000 mark, with more than 15,000 backers.

Keep an eye out for this imagery among the marchers this weekend!

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