Do you love your dog so much you daydream about him on the way to, from, and during work? That’s Bushwick resident Gemma Gené’s story—and it’s also the reason her wistful, dog-centric illustrations have captivated an audience of over 87,000.

What started out as a series of simple black and white drawings completed during a long subway commute to Gené’s dream job at an architectural firm became a small Instagram phenomenon.

Gené explains: “I though I was drawing things that were so specific of Mochi. Little did I know that what I thought was so special [about Mochi] is what most dogs have in common!”

Now, Gené works from home and no longer has to worry about missing her “very dramatic, chubby pug.” And since Mochi and his family are local, you may get a chance to spot him at the dog park or even snag a selfie with the famous pup.

Featured image: Mochi the pug all dressed up for Christmas. Courtesy of Gemma Gené.