Get ready to kvell, Bushwick.

Bushwick’s pups and their owners congregated at Pine Box Rock Shop last week to observe the sacred rite of Halloween at Bushwick Bark’s fourth annual Doggy Costume Contest!

Dogs were costumed, treats were bestowed upon all the adorable little good sports, and funds were raised to support local non profits Bushwick Street Cats and Sugar Mutts Rescue.

Here are the costumed contestants in all their glory!

Pug as poppy!
Wait a minute, is that a seal or a dog?!
Follow this little guy on Instagram!
This pupper saw your favorite band back in ’94 when they were still playing basement shows.
Other charges include STEALING OUR HEARTS.
Pizza Rat?! How did you get in here?!
The royal doge!
Oh, hello, you distinguished little bassinet-borne sweetiepie!
Giving yourself a mohawk just for your Halloween costume is a real commitment to the look!
Queue that two-note theme song! This guy looks ferocious!
Denim doggos!
A pug as a bug!
Black Swan?
Two excitable little floofs saying hello!
What kind of a bird are YOU?
We found him!
Who needs a costume when everyone knows who you are because Finn the Human is by your side?!

Can we all say a collective “awwwww!” for a moment?!

Happy Halloween, Bushwick!

Featured image: One of two Elevens in attendance, because Stranger Things is everything this Halloween.

All photos by Kevin Hoopes for Bushwick Daily.