Last week your very own Bushwick Daily Fashion Editor, Ruthie Darling, joined forces with LucyAnn of Collections Boutique to throw a party that brought together fashionistas ranging in age from teenagers to style icons well into their seventies! Somehow, a Japanese television station heard about the party and decided they wanted to film the affair to show Japan just how we roll here in Bushwick!

Debra Rapoport talking to Glenn Wiggins photo by Ruthie Darling

In attendance from the Advanced Style movement were: style icon Debra Rapoport, Valerie of the famous Idiosyncratic Fashionistas, Designer Nita Angeletti, Instagram star Diana GabrielThe Baroness (who fit Beyonce’s Met Gala gown!) and New York Times Art Director Richard Aloisio. Other younger fashion bloggers in attendance were: Madame Ostrich, Belle Sansone and the fashion podcaster False Image aka Glenn. Check out the photos below:

Here is the colorful crew all together.

Debra Rapoport wearing a hat she made herself out of paper towels!

And you have to love the necklace made out of scrubbing brushes!

Nita Angeletti showcasing her own design.

The Baroness in her own latex creation.

The film crew hard at work!

British tea was served darlings!

Valerie of Idiosyncratic Fashionistas being interviewed by the television station.

Diana Gabriel in an outfit by Collections.

Photo by Denton Taylor

New York Times Art Director and Instagram sensation, Richard Aloisio showcasing a “necklace” he found.

A younger fashionista, Shaena, wearing a Collections dress.

Ruthie Darling in a Collections dress that ended up being….her dress! Vintage Marc Jacobs baby!

Photo by Denton Taylor

Thank you to all who attended! If you would like us to collaborate on another fashion party (which you are all invited to attend) please let us know in the comments. Stay fabulous darlings!



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