Meryl Meisler inside Bizarre’s Black Box Gallery during Bushwick Open Studios 2014 (Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

As part of an effort to document the Bushwick artist community, long time Bushwick photographer Meryl Meisler and James Panero of the Bushwick Documentation Project are inviting all artists, organizers, gallerists, and journalists participating in Bushwick Open Studios this year to appear in a group photo taken outside of Stout Projects on Saturday, June 4th at 11am.

The project is inspired by Nina Leen’s 1950 portrait of the group of abstract expressionists collectively known as “The Irascibles,” and “A Great Day in Harlem,” Art Kane’s 1958 group portrait of the era’s great jazz musicians.

According to the organizers, this photo project is a way to link Bushwick to a long line of neighborhoods where the art scene once flourished, changed, and in some cases, disappeared.

Paul Behnke, Associate Director at Stout Projects, says, “This project sets us all in stone and places the artists in Bushwick forever alongside those of the East Village, SoHo and the New York School. It is important that our efforts hold a place.”

If it rains, the photo will be taken at Irving Square Park on Sunday, June 5th at 11am near the Arts in Bushwick booth.