Frieze week is over, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a low key weekend for the art world: galleries are back in action and will feature a plethora of sights and events that will be sure to bedazzle your senses like a Lizzy McGuire era pair of rhinestone embellished jeans. Need we say more?

To count it down:

#1 Onion by the Ocean @ Underdonk (Sat 7-10pm)

1329 Willoughby Ave #211

Featuring 32 participating artists, Onion by the Ocean at Underdonk looks good.  This exhibition, organized by artists and curators Essye Klempner and Elisa Soliven, features a “grouping  of sculpture” that adheres to a strict visual arrangement on a grid, with the works all of a similar, miniature scale. This forced juxtaposition of work by artists whose practice involves diverse visual, and aesthetic modes creates a dialogue between the disparate shapes and connects them to a specific location and moment in time.

#2 Adam Simon: Icons @ Studio 10 (Fri 5-9pm)

56 Bogart Street

In his third solo exhibition at Studio 10 Gallery, Adam Simon dissects the familiar forms of commercial logos— which are fully lodged in the American collective subconscious, from the Kellog’s “K’ to the Nike swish—to their essential components, then brings them back into recognition through playful manipulations of various visual overlay techniques.

Simon’s use of these logos becomes less about subject matter and more of a visual play upon subconsciously ingrained visual cues. The resulting flat, vibrant, pieces endow all of the iconic glory of faded Coca Cola signs to our generation’s ubiquitous symbols of the modern age.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a gallery talk with Keith Sanborn, who was written a monograph entitled From Nike to Nikephoros to NIKE, further explores the archaeology of logos in relation to Simon’s paintings and is scheduled for Thursday, May 26th at 6pm.

#3 Eve Ingalls: Out of Time @ Soho20 Gallery (Fri 6-9pm)

56 Bogart St

Out of Time opens this Friday (image courtesy of Soho 20 Gallery)

Soho 20 Gallery has been an active supporter to female artists for over 40 years – take a look at their open letter to the NY Times, recently published on the website, in response to the controversial article “Female Artists Are (Finally) Getting Their Turn” by Hilarie M. Sheets.

In this exhibition of recent work by Soho 20 member Even Ingalls, the mediums transcend their traditional roles. The pieces include paper sculpture and works which waver between two and three dimensions.

A conversation with the artist is scheduled for Saturday, May, 21, 2-4pm.

#4 Not Invited… @ Transmitter  (Fri 6-9pm)

1329 Willoughby Ave

Not Invited… opens this Friday (image courtesy of Transmitter)

Transmitter features artists London Kaye, Niels Post, Victoria Scott and Emmanuel Sevilla in this 4 person exhibition presenting work that reads in the white cube of the gallery space as well as in the urban environment.

Art has always functioned as an object of monetary exchange – but as more street art enters the market, with pieces by artists such as Banksy removed from their original public location and sold on the private market, this conversation of artistic intent and public space becomes more and more inexorable.

#5 Christopher K. Ho: Grown Up Art @ Present Company (Fri 6-9pm)

254 Johnson Ave

Christopher K. Ho, Art Dads, 2016 (image courtesy of Present Company)

Living in New York can have the effect of late onset….well everything. Be it financial responsibility, emotional maturity, or willingness to “settle”, life in New York is synonymous with never having to really leave your 20s or 30s or whatever decade you tell your Tinder date you’re in.

Artist Christopher K. Ho poignantly and wittily investigates our notions of youth and success through the lens of the art world. Most relevantly, he explores what it means to be both an artist and a father, with all the connotations, presumptions and conventional notions those two roles invoke, with a focus on how to reconcile them within a political art practice.


Perspective Generique Exhibition and Open Studios @ Splinters and Logs (Sat-Sun 1-7pm)

Dock Studios Complex, 1027 Grand Street

Perspective Generique on view until May 15 (image courtesy of Splinters and Logs)

This Sunday, May 15th is the last day to check out this wonderful artist run space established in 2008, which currently hosts 30 artists, as the current iteration of Splinters and Logs will be closing their doors following the end of the current exhibition.

Perspective Generique is a group show of American and French artists curated by Camille Clech, which explores the relationship between architecture and the human body and features work by Alexia Antuofermo, Deric Carner, Claire Durand-Gasselin, Shaina Lipp, Christopher Martino, Matt Quinn, Chris Santa Maria, Brian Sheffield, Jakob, Steensen, Elliot Storey, Margaux Taleux, Alexandria Tarver.

Enjoy, Bushwick!