A GOS event. Courtesy of Greenpoint Open Studios.

Greenpoint Open Studios recently took over the neighborhood to the northwest of Bushwick, and Bushwick Daily took a field trip over to check it out. Below are three artists who we managed to catch at their workspaces during the six hours of open studio time, with descriptions of some of their work. Enjoy!

Marshall Weber, Multimedia Artist

Alexandra Bendek for Bushwick Daily.

Weber works with different surfaces such as textiles, canvas, photographic paper, and recycled clothes. The series featured here is of the statue of liberty’s face with different expressions, transferred from wax rubbings that are inked with different media.

Amanda Picotte, Photographer

Alexandra Bendek for Bushwick Daily.

Amanda’s bread and butter comes from wine and spirits photography, but she also shoots portraits, often working with polaroids as commentary on notions of authenticity and spontaneous moments. She hails from upstate New York and has been based in Brooklyn for several years.

Andy Barrett, Sculptor

Alexandra Bendek for Bushwick Daily.

Barrett’s work originates as cardboard that he sources from all over the world; ”Creating a language out of other languages” is a phrase he uses to describe his work. He’s worked in this medium for the past decade, traveling to Colombia, Mexico and Japan to expand his practices.

He mostly collects in New York city: after all these years of experience, he has a schedule of the biggest recycling spots in the city. He keeps a box cutting knife on hand for whenever he sees something special on an old disco album, an empty box of cereal or just a simple empty home depot box.

About the author: Alexandra Bendek is a Brooklyn based freelance photographer and stylist.