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Syndicated has Bushwick covered for (almost) all of the neighborhood’s 4/20 needs. In honor of what is sometimes referred to “National Weed Day,” the restaurant-bar-theater hybrid will be presenting three classic stoner films from different decades.

Kicking off the evening is Inherent Vice (2014) at 5:30, followed by Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke (1978) at 8:30, and finally Half Baked (1998) at 10:30. You can buy tickets here at $4 a hit.

To accompany your movie and quench your cottonmouth, bar manager Kenneth Vanhooser has concocted some ganja-inspired cocktails such as the “Bong Water” ($13), which promises to be much more appetizing than it sounds with lemon juice, mint simple syrup, and sweet tea and garnished with black Peruvian mint which just so happens to resemble the leaf of a certain plant you may or may not be partaking of today. Also created specially for this occasion is the “Up In Smoke” ($13) which is a marijuana green blend of mezcal, Herradura tequila, crème de menthe, maraschino, orange blossom, egg white, lemon and simple syrup.

©AlonzoMaciel 2016 for BushwickDaily.com Right remain with Photographer

For movie munchies, executive chef Bret Macris will be preparing “Loaded Tater Tots” topped with pulled pork, beer-infused cheese sauce, sour cream and house pickled jalapenos; “Duck Confit Nachos” with blue cheese, balsamic and scallions; “Carnival Doughnuts” dusted with cinnamon sugar and topped with rum raisins; and “Chocolate Budino”, ultra-rich chocolate pudding with butterscotch, peanut butter crumble and caramel popcorn.

However you choose to celebrate this holiday, Syndicated is the place to be tonight.