15 years ago, Bushwick bread actress Rose Gutierrez Gonzalez, noticed the neighborhood changing.  “I thought there was a story to be told about the social change that was happening in Bushwick, and so I have turned the story into a web series,” Rose told us.

Web series “Cornelia” takes place at the eponymous Bushwick street where the family of Castillos must learn to coexist with the newcomers to the neighborhood, the hipsters. Similar idea, telling a story of a Puerto Rican bar in Bushwick, has been turned into a web series called East Willy B in 2011.

Castillos have been living in the neighborhood for decades. Andrea, the main character (played by Rose) and her siblings are suddenly forced to deal with their mother’s death. The siblings inherit the family’s real estate properties in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Bushwick undergoing a dynamic process of gentrification.

This diverse dramedy inspired by real life events promises to focus on family, love, tradition, cultural values, stereotypes, social change, adversity and more.

“Audiences will resonate with the wide array of characters and identify with the mundane as well as the dramatic occurrences the series showcases,” Rose explained.

Sign up for Cornelia YouTube channel and look forward to your weekly dose of Castillos starting on Sunday, December 13th. Season 1 has eight episodes. It has been fully filmed and cast in Bushwick.