Yum (all photos courtesy of Molly’s Milk Truck)

Wipe out your tears cried over the loss of delish bunwiches from UMi Bushwick, late night bar owls. Because a gourmet healthy food and beverages shop from the team behind coveted Molly’s Milk Truck, is opening in its place by the end of November.

Three years ago Hoda Mahmoodzadegan, a former marketing executive, created a concept of a healthy gourmet food and beverage truck called Molly’s Milk Truck, which served unhappy yuppies in Hoboken delicious and healthy food for about two years. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Hoda and her business partner Brian Keaton, commercialized their most popular product, Molly’s Signature Ice Coffee, and brought it to the retail market. Today you can buy their healthy ice coffee made by steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold water for 12-24 hours, with almond milk and a touch of agave sirup in Whole Foods stores and hundreds of other retail locations in the tristate area.

After Michelle Kogan, former executive pastry chef at Morimoto and Hoda’s close friend of 12 years, came on board, the women was ready to open their first shop in Bushwick. “We thought that Bushwick would be a great home our first shop,” told us Hoda about Molly’s Milk Truck Food and Bevy Shop soon to open at a former Sweet & Shiny location at 214 Knickerbocker Ave (which later served as a home to summer pop up UMi Bushwick), right across the street from Three Diamond Door Bar.

While the team still operates their food truck during private events (they worked with Brooklyn Mirage), their shop will be a step up from their food truck.

“While I’m a home cooking kind of gal, Michelle is a trained food professional with 10 years of experience in the industry. Her stuff is truly exquisite,” Hoda explained.

Hoda and Michelle are currently finalizing the menu they’ll offer to Bushwick.

“We’re two badass bitches in the kitchen,” Hoda laughed. “Everything will be very affordable. Our main goal is to bring easily accessible and good quality food for everybody in Bushwick,” she said.

And while everybody is truly welcome to feast on Molly’s gourmet healthy food, especially Bushwick bar-goers will be pleased as Molly’s will be open from lunch until 5AM.

Molly’s Signature Ice Coffee

Molly’s Milk Truck

The famous food truck

A quick glance at the ceiling of the Molly’s shop location at 214 Knickerbocker Ave

Say hi to Michelle and Hoda (from the left). You’ll be loving these ladies during the latest of the late nights. They’ll feed you until 5am!