PSYCHOTIC! from Destruction Inc on Vimeo.

It was bound to happen. A group of Bushwick horror movie enthusiasts have decided to make their own Bushwick slasher. The promise is that “Psychotic,” will be “a mind-altering journey into the uncharted depths of the Bushwick art scene, where it’s hip to be weird and partying hard can get you murdered,” and that the body count in this 80-minute long horror flick will be higher than your Bushwick rent. (Ambitious!)

The story revolves around two friends and struggling artists, Tim and Stuart, “as they try to patch up their friendship, pay the damn rent on time, and look for love at some of the hottest hot spots in Bushwick.” But instead they stumble into a world of murder, mystery, and madness.

To get the taste of what’s coming and to help them fund the rest of the movie, the group has finished a 7-minute long scene (above), which frankly doesn’t look half-bad and we wouldn’t mind sitting through the rest of the movie. The scene is set in your typical Bushwick apartment where friends are about to surprise the birthday boy Bill. There are hints of infidelity and of people being familiar with the killer. And someone ends up with a slashed throat….

Now all that Maxwell Frey and Derek Gibbons need to finish the flick is $50,000. And perhaps it’s an ambitious sum to try to kickstart but we will never know who the killer is unless we try to help them make it. They have 21 days left, so chip in if you want to watch the first Bushwick horror movie next year.

psychotic poster