Mike Serafino’s “Burn Canvas” opens Thursday at 630 Flushing Avenue (Image courtesy of Mike Serafino)

We’re more than halfway through July and therein—halfway through the summer of 2015. This week’s mid-summer story brings new openings, artist talks and live performances across the neighborhood. We even have a new gallery – Gallery Petite at 114 Wilson Avenue – to report on!

#1 “Thomas Lendvai: 10” @ ODETTA Gallery (THURS. 6-8 pm)

229 Cook Street

Sculptor Thomas Lendvai has created a site responsive installation for the summer show at ODETTA. The opening reception takes place Thursday July 23 and will be followed by an artist talk on Sunday, July 26 at 4:00 pm.

#2 “Burn Canvas Objects” @ 630 Flushing Ave (THURS. 6-10 pm)

630 Flushing Ave – between Marcy Ave & Tompkins Ave

“Burn Canvas Objects” opens Thursday at 630 Flushing Ave (Image courtesy of Mike Serafino)

A Bushwick artist you may have seen inside of Brooklyn Fireproof during Bushwick Open Studios, Mike Serafino, is showing his newest work the Burn Canvas Objects series in a solo show opening Thursday, July 23rd. His celestial works are created with water and a blowtorch on raw canvas, forming cosmologically inspired objects reminiscent of comets, planets, stars and galaxies. While the technique is beautiful in itself, it also imparts the celestial content that inspires his work: the forms of matter and life present in the hostile vacuum of space.

#3 “My Art Is Irrelevant” @ Gallery Petite (THURS 6-9 pm)

114 Wilson Avenue

“My Art is Irrelevant” opens Thursday at Gallery Petite (Image courtesy of Tyrome Tripoli)

This summer brings a new gallery which opened on Wilson Avenue across from the Worship Vintage shop. You can visit this intimate gallery and event space starting this Thursday night with the opening of sculptor Tyrome Tripoli’s “My Art Is Irrelevant.” Gallery Petite promises to be a dynamic setting for curatorial networking between artists, performers, writers, social activists, craft vendors, antique and furniture dealers.

#4 “Stranger Than Bushwick Two” Comic Release Party @ Vinyl Fantasy (FRI. 7 pm)

194 Knickerbocker Avenue

Jeremy Nguyen’s second “Stranger Than Bushwick” comic series hits Vinyl Fantasy this Friday

Everybody’s already heard of Stranger Than Bushwick – the comical illustrations of Bushwick Daily’s Jeremy Nguyen. Bodega cats, bros and Bushwick street art are just a few of the faves within this ongoing storyline. Jeremy is debuting Stranger Than Bushwick Number 2 at Vinly Fantasy with subject matter even stranger than the first issue.

Both issues of Stranger Than Bushwick will be available to be signed by Jeremy himself, and you can catch the artist behind Neon Bodega Cats on this night as well!

#5 “Not Fleshy Enough” performance @ TRANSFER Gallery (FRI 7-9 pm)

1030 Metropolitan Ave

Transfery Gallery_Technophilia

Alongside the current “Technophilia” exhibition by Faith Holland, TRANSFER presents four performances on the digitally mediated body and online communication occurring in dialogue with Holland’s playful moving images. Alexandra Marzella, Shireen Ahmed, Monica Mirabile, Giovanna Olmos will be there to explore the intimacy between what is real vs. what is digital.

#6 “HERE” @ The Shops at the Loom (FRI 6-10 pm)

1087 Flushing Avenue

“HERE” opens Friday inside The Shops at the Loom (Image courtesy of The THRIVE Network)

In recognition of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) The THRIVE Network will host “HERE,” an art exhibition inviting the viewer to explore ‘here’ as a place, declaration and moment resting between history and visions of the future. Each work, created by artists with disabilities, is described as it “quietly wrestles with the many dimensions of human living in the present,” including textile works, intimate portraits, paintings and weavings. The Friday night opening will be accompanied by a live performance by jazz percussionist and virtuoso Ricky Gordon.