Photo via Michelle Krivo

Looping – part-concept, part-fitness, and complete-spectacle – is taking place this Friday night in front of Lincoln Center. Bushwick artists Mathew Silver and Fritz Donnelly invented the experience to inspire ongoing silliness.

“It’s a new form of social activity that ignites the inner wacky child,” self-described performance artist and clown Silver told me. “It’s an acid-like experience without taking any recreational drugs… Expect to have fun.”

Looping in Action (Watch this!)

Lest you think Looping is only for the initiated, anyone can participate, “as long as they come in costume or underwear. The loopers need to look different then the spectators,” Silver said.

If you do plan on attending or participating, the event begins at 5:30 PM at Lincoln Center (Columbus Ave & W. 63rd St.) in front of the stairs. You must be either in your underwear or a costume, and you are encouraged to bring one safe, wacky prop.