All images provided by #SAVEARTSPACE Co-Founders Justin Aversano & Travis Rix

Most of the people show their art in galleries. You might be one of the lucky few to showcase their art on Bushwick billboards.

With this newfound warm weather Bushwick residents can finally look forward to all the upcoming outdoor activities this artful neighborhood has to offer. Needless to say, the countdown to Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) has officially begun.

As you know, this year’s BOS is taking place over the weekend of June 5-7, 2015, and besides hundreds of artist studios, you can look forward to an interesting public art exhibition by #SAVEARTSPACE.

Established in January 2015, this organization is dedicated to providing public art to people in new and innovative ways. Their initiative is to transform advertisements into crowdsourced art projects, providing inventive platforms for local artists to promote their work.

This year’s BOS will be their first public art project. Co-Founders and Bushwick residents, Justin Aversano and Travis Rix took a moment to answer a few questions about #SAVEARTSPACE and their upcoming BOS project.

Rendering with artwork by napkinkilla

DK: Explain #SAVEARTSPACE in 5 words

JA & TR: Providing artists opportunities to create.

Your project is specific to taking over advertising billboards; explain what this fusion—or dichotomy—between art and advertising means to #SAVEARTSPACE

We are transforming billboards into the Peoples art. By using the billboard platform, we can reach a wide audience and shift their perception of art, through the equality of creativity displayed in the public space.

What drew you to Bushwick? What makes BOS 2015 a great fit for a project?

We have been residents of Bushwick for over 4 years. Since we are local to this community, BOS is a great fit for this project. Our engagement with BOS can offer the people a curated street exhibit as they travel from studio to gallery or from home to work.

Will only Bushwick artists be eligible?

We encourage everyone to submit. Half of the billboards will be reserved for the native Bushwick community: youth groups, schools, senior residencies, homeless shelters, and Bushwick artists.

Rendering with artwork by plasmaslug

For BOS 2015 #SAVEARTSPACE partnered with Arts In Bushwick to curate and promote this upcoming outdoor exhibition. Prince Media Co. sponsored all of the available billboard space for the BOS exhibition. Brooklyn Lightroom (BKLR) also helped raise awareness and donations.

Find requirements and submission forms for #SAVEARTSPACE’s BOS 2015 project here: Submit Online & Submission Form