BOS 2014. (Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

The sweet memories of the summer heat; friends wherever you go; endless strolls through artists studios–that’s what comes up in our mind when you say the letters B.O.S.

Bushwick Open Studios organized by Arts in Bushwick is without any doubt the greatest arts festival of all time–ok, we are exaggerating a little but it most definitely is the greatest open studio event in New York.

If you’re a newbie to Bushwick, you should brace yourself for hundreds of artists opening their studios to the public for a weekend, which is accompanied by various festivities and neighborhood-wide merriments such as block parties, crazy performance art events and different art exhibitions. Bushwick Open Studios harnesses the incredible awesomeness of this neighborhood in its full power and whether you’re an artist or a spectator, you should absolutely take part in it.

This year’s BOS will be just as amazing as ever. One of the festival’s lead organizers, Lucia Rollow told us that they have removed the bulk of the “official events” this year in an effort to direct more attention to the studios. Arts in Bushwick has also a new website in order to make the festival registration and orientation easier.

To make the most of this year’s BOS, make sure you abide by these important dates and deadlines.

#1 BOS is happening on June 5-7

Mark you calendars, Bushwick. Don’t plan any traveling; tell your sister she has to get married on some other weekend, because this year’s BOS starts on Friday, June 5 and goes until Sunday, June 7. You don’t want to miss it.

#2 Register for BOS Print Guide by March 31 April 7!

If you’re an artist and you’re serious about participation in Bushwick Open Studios, you should start planning your show or studio right now because the registration for the official BOS Print Guide ends pretty soon. After March 31 April 7 you will be still able to register but you will be listed only on Arts in Bushwick website.

#3 Attend BOS Mixer on March 26 at The Johnsons 7-9PM April 2 at Left Hand Path

It is a prerequisite to attend one of the BOS Mixers if you want to participate in the festival. Not only you will get to meet the organizers and a bunch of fellow BOS participants, you will also receive a special registration number, which you’ll need to make the registration deadline of March 31 April 7.

#4 Submit your art to BOS Benefit by March 30

Every year before the BOS, Arts in Bushwick organizes a big fancy art show of works donated by the community, which are then raffled off. All proceeds go to support Arts in Bushwick in their endeavor of organization of Bushwick Open Studios. This year, they are having a 3-week long art show curated by Krista Saunders and Dexter Wimberly to be held at Storefront Ten Eyck (April 19 running through May 10). The profits of the 2015 raffle will be used to produce a book celebrating Arts in Bushwick/Bushwick Open Studios 10th anniversary, to be published in 2016. The idea is to feature every artist who participates in the 2015 exhibition with an image of the work donated and their information.

If you wish to participate, you must submit your work by March 30, which is very soon, so hurry up!

#5 Volunteer now!

Arts in Bushwick is an all-volunteer organization, and Bushwick Open Studios wouldn’t happen without the work of dozens of volunteers. There is no deadline to apply but consider volunteering now! AiB is looking for bloggers, photographers, videographers, as well as a help with setup and cleanup and community outreach. Find out more here.