Lana Z Caplan’s “Play and Repeat” Digital Video Still in Show 15 at The Parlour Bushwick (Image courtesy of the gallery)

Beat Nite, the neighborhood-wide gallery walk across Bushwick and Ridgewood, is just one week away and we clued you in on several of the newest shows in last week’s round-up of art openings. This week’s openings surround Bushwick from Kimberly-Klark and Songs for Presidents in Ridgewood, to the Knockdown Center in Maspeth and the old GEM store in East Williamsburg. These shows will be open through next week’s Beat Nite and Armory events, and we’ll have a list of the ten shows that will be along the Beat Nite trail so stay tuned!

#1 “Peregrinations, Constellations” @ Schema Projects (FRI 6-9 pm)

92 St. Nicholas Ave.

Paula Overbay’s (detail) “Energy” in “Peregrinations, Constellations” curated by Jeanne Heifetz. (Image courtesy of Schema Projects)

Schema Projects’ latest group show “Peregrinations, Constellations” uses the over-stimulation of data and information to uncover patterns and significant bits of information. These discoveries are only possible through the aggregation of multiple small bits of information, whether drawn or painted, stitched or torn, stamped or struck with a typewriter key; these works’ patterns and imagery emerge from the process itself.

#2 A Weekend at the Old Gem: NYC Salon Showcase @ GEM store (FRI 7-10 pm)

695 Grand Street, East Williamsburg

A Weekend at the Old Gem: NYC Salon Showcase features works by (clockwise) Jen Shepard, Liz Ainslie, Christopher Stout and Julie Torres (Images courtesy of the artists)

North Brooklyn arts collective Arts@Renaissance hosts a massive showcase featuring over 100 New York artists inside the now closed Gem store on Grand Street in East Williamsburg. Arts@Renaissance plan to open a new studio residency and gallery next year and in the interim, will be showing at the old Gem store. Featured works include some familiar Bushwick artists: Liz Ainslie, Patricia Fabricant, Rachael Gorchov, Christian Finbar Kelly, Jen Shepard, Christopher Stout, Julie Torres and Etty Yaniv.

#3 Jessalyn Wakefield “BEASTS I – IX” @ Songs for Presidents (FRI 6-9 pm)

1673 Gates Avenue (lower level), Ridgewood

Scenes of private terror become part of group witness in the audio-video installation “BEASTS I – IX” in Friday’s opening at Songs for Presidents. Recalling sensations from the early Internet era – sneaking dial up minutes, waiting patiently, crawling the web, and the unsettling visit to a complex website. “BEASTS I – IX” reveals what happens when information is organized, but not for you.

#4 DANIEL KING “BEIRUT” @ Chasm Gallery (SAT 6-9 pm)

56 Bogart Street

Daniel King’s “Beirut” opens Saturday (Image courtesy of CHASM)

While venturing through the city of Beirut, photographer Daniel King captured intimate moments through a more aesthetic journalism that goes beyond mere documentation. In his solo exhibition “Beirut”, King displays raw yet eloquent portraits and scenes from life in this post-apocalyptic city. Having began his career as an aspiring surf photographer in his hometown of Sydney, Australia, King is currently editing his first book “Ukraine Youth – Between Days” which will be released at the same time of his show at CHASM.

#5 Jonny Gillette “Goals on Balls” @ Kimberly-Klark Gallery (SAT 7-10 pm)

788 Woodward Ave, Ridgewood

“Goals on Balls” opens Saturday (Image courtesy of Kimberly-Klark Gallery)

Beat Nite pick: Seasons are often measured by the colors of the leaves, the frigid or burning temperatures, and growth and change. For sports fanatics, they are measured basically by who’s playing and who’s winning. In Jonny Gillette “Goals on Balls” almost all sports verticals appear to be covered at once: golf, tennis, pool, soccer, bowling; softball, baseball, volleyball, football, basketball and lastly, dodgeball. See these in painted form during the opening or catch them during the Beat Nite gallery walk on Friday, March 6th.

#6 “Show #15” @ The Parlour Bushwick (FRI 6-9 pm)

791 Bushwick Ave.

“CAKE (pre-0rgy)” by Jen Hitchings (Image courtesy of The Parlour Bushwick)

Beat Nite pick: Show #15 opens at The Parlour Bushwick featuring new works by Pamela Council, Lana Caplan, Sue Havens and Jen Hitchings with a mix of mixed media sculptures, video and dimensional pieces. Caplan’s play and repeat video captures technological renderings of the New York City-scape, where billboards and graffiti become the passage of color and texture through the 2D space of the screen. Havens explores the paradoxical in her painting “Pink Raggedy” while Hitchings reveals spider-webs of relations in “CAKE.” Council combines silk velvet, foam and various objects to enliven her still-life creations.

#7 S“Negative Space” @ Knockdown Center (SAT 5-8 pm)

52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth

Kevin Frances “Lucas’s Clothes (3)” in the upcoming opening of “Negative Space” (Image courtesy of the Knockdown Center)

In stark contrast to the Knockdown Center’s vast industrial space, the domestic environment simulated by the group exhibition “Negative Space” will make you feel somewhat at home. Putting the viewer in the emotional and psychological space of home, the exhibition references the domestic environment with artworks that situate the viewer in a contemplative space, as the comfort and security one feels at home becomes juxtaposed with the raw open space.