Do Bushwick & NYC Artists Need a Retreat in Woodstock? Your Input is Required

Lake in the Catskills, Photo by Brittany Natale

Living in the city can be trying, especially with shoddy train service, crowded commutes and constant social interaction. Many times the chances to truly relax and unwind in the city are far and few. Bushwick-based multidisciplinary artist Sarah Bisceglie recognized this and that is how the idea of Nature Center, a beautiful forest retreat that will be housed in the Catskills, came about.

Can’t mention Woodstock without including a photo from Woodstock Festival, 1969. Photograph: Bill Eppridge/Time & Life Pictures. Licensed under Creative Commons

Inspired by the Woodstock artist colonies of the early 20th century and the late 1960s, Nature Center will be a place where NYC artists, writers, musicians, designers, healers, creatives and more can come to take a break from the bustling city. The center will provide visitors with access to camping, workshops of all varieties, yoga, meditation and creative collaboration. It will also ultimately be a space to reconnect with nature.

“Nature Center will be a consciousness-based retreat where people can come and reflect,” Sarah explained. To become closer to the cause, Sarah has even recently relocated to a 2-bedroom cottage in Woodstock that she will live in through June. This facility will also be the temporary home for Nature Center while Sarah looks for a more permanent space and will host small-scale, DIY-style weekend workshops in the meantime.

To help make Nature Center a reality, Sarah has set up an IndieGogo campaign to help raise funds and to open the dialogue about the center.

Sarah is especially interested in hearing any input, ideas and suggestions from NYC creatives and what they are looking for in a place of retreat. Feel free to reach out to Sarah with any suggestions, ideas or questions at: [email protected]

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