Our favorite self-proclaimed psychoanalyst Lisa Levy will be debuting her new exhibition at BAM tonight! What Makes You So Special: Doctor Lisa Investigates is a culmination of months of research and psychotherapy sessions, where Levy conducted interviews of several “patients,” including artists Mickalene Thomas and Matthew Silver, comedian, Jo Firestone, fireman Kevin Hamilton, teenager Martin Kramer, and many others.

Guests of tonights special exhibition opening will be invited to examine each “case” where Dr. Lisa will present her findings of her sessions, delving into each person’s life, experiences, and try to get at the root of what makes each person “so special.” Documentative photos and audio recording of each interview are presented almost as artifacts and are the living document of each session.

Levy’s larger body of work often focuses on the way in which people interact in the world, often forcing viewers to look back into themselves, therefore the pieces tend to be more about the viewer than the artist or the object itself.  This new series, while more narrative as we delve into the realities of the participants, still is very much centered on the way in which people view their world and their role in it.

What Makes you so Special opened on September 1, with a special reception tonight from 6-8PM in the Sharp Lower Lobby in the BAM Fisher Building. The exhibition will be on view through January 3, 2015.