Photo by Maria Gotay for Bushwick Daily

Summer ponderings: Now that Kings County is closed, where can I get a fishbowl full of alcohol and grazed with Swedish fish? Fear not, sweet-toothed alcoholics amongst you: Kings County SALOON opens tomorrow night, and they will be selling a big ol’ bowl of booze-soaked candy fishes.

Additionally: while there, you can feast on melted ham and cheese bites with house-made mustard; Buffalo wings; a cheese-stuffed burger; and hummus and kale salads if you’re into that kind of thing. Also, they’ll have ice cream sandwiches, which, word on the street is, are basically the new cupcake. 

And if fish bowl drinks aren’t your style (…weirdo…), you can slam a shot of of well liquor and then nurse a can of Busch beer for only five dollars.

There will also be live music by PaintAnimal Years and The Bushwick Hotel. The good times begin at 9PM!

Kings County Saloon is opening tomorrow night,  July 18th. They’re located at 1 Knickerbocker Ave.