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…And the Arts in Bushwick Blog is back with our weekly round up of our best stories! You’ve probably already heard from the fantastic Dr. Lisa that the Arts in Bushwick Benefit is taking place 6pm this Sunday at Storefront Ten Eyck. We hope to see you all there! In the meantime, grab a sunny seat at your favorite outdoor cafe and catch up on everything Arts in Bushwick!

Did you know that Arts in Bushwick launched their anticipated AiB High School Fellowship Program this past winter? Find out more about the program and follow the Fellows in the Bushwick Community Darkroom in More than an Image: AiB Fellows Create.

Have you had one of those days when a look in the mirror reveals a very different face from your favorite Facebook profile picture that you keep going back to, probably from 2010? Read about how artist Sue McNally tackles the inevitability of aging in a review humorously titled Middle Ass Bad Age.

Curious about the mysterious world of art fairs? Bushwick artist and organizer extraordinaire Christopher Stout gives us the scoop in Bushwick Goes to Fountain.

Neighborhood youth were joined by Bushwick artist Abel Macias to create a festive mural at their school. An Imaginative Zoo gives a look into bringing a “Carnivale de Animales” to life!

The Active Space will be home to this year’s annual Seeking Space exhibition. To get a lay of the gallery and see some of the great work being created by Bushwick artists, check out Something Surely Amiss: Blood and Butter and Bone.


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