Yesterday it was announced that Pearl Paint shuttered its doors. The famed establishment, which was founded in 1933, graced Canal Street as a one-stop-shopping place for anything creative. While open, it was accessible by mostly any train line for the artists in New York.

To any artists living in Bushwick who depended on Pearl, we’re sorry just like you to see this business go. But still, we’re here to help! There’s plenty of places in Bushwick to get art supplies, even if they’re not all in one central location propped right off the J train. Keep these places in mind when you need supplies.

#1 Brooklyn Yarn Cafe at The Loom, 1087 Flushing Ave

photo via TimeOut

What they carry: Knitting supplies, yarn, sewing supplies, fabric

Other info: The Brooklyn Yarn Cafe offers many classes on knitting and sewing. They also sell baked goods. Mmmmmm…

#2 Better Than Jam at The Loom, 123 Knickerbocker Ave

What they carry: Paints, acrylics, brushes, stencils

Other info: If there’s something you need and they don’t have it, you can ask and the owner, Karin, may be able to order it for you.

#3 Artists & Craftsman, 761 Metropolitan Avenue

photo via Yelp

What they carry: Everything! They’re the best Pearl Paint-replacement in town.

Other info: It’s a little far for a lot of us, but worth the trip if you’re in need of a special product.

#4 Ace Hardware, 347 Knickerbocker Ave

What they carry: Measuring supplies, adhesives, woodworking supplies

Other info: You can get these things from essentially any hardware store, but Ace is pretty big and centrally located.

#5 Bushwick Art and Shipping, 1053 Flushing Avenue

What they carry: Acrylic, textile paints, oil paints, paintbrushes, stationary, stretchers, tubes

Other info: They act as a shipping center as well! You can FedEx packages while you shop.

#6 SoHo Art Materials, 36 Gardner Avenue

What they carry: Paints, stretchers, canvass, easels… Everything! A one stop shop.

Other info: This store, which also has a location on Wooster Street, was a neighbor to Pearl.

#7 FrameArt NYC, 147 Thames St

What they carry: They frame art! Your art!

Other info: If you mention you’re a Bushwick Daily reader, they’ll offer you a 10% discount.

#8 Low Brow Artique, 143 Central Ave

photo via Low Brow website

What they carry: Spraypaint, markers

Other info: They have cool clothes, and awesome art shows. Check them out sometime, even if you’re not an artist.

#9 Bushwick Community Darkroom at The Loom, 108 Thames St

Bushwick Community Darkroom

What they carry: Film and paper for all you photographers!

Other Info: You can develop your film in the darkroom and book by the hour. You can also get a membership for a full year of access to all of their facilities.