Take a bite! (Photo by Katarina Hybenova for Bushwick Daily)

We wish we could call this week’s Street Art Candy, Street Art Pizza in the name of this little, yet really awesome street art piece titled “Piece” by Milo. This humorous piece of pizza pie is a reward for those of you who pay attention to details when walking on the streets of Bushwick. Original, lovely, hand-sewn by local artist Milo, “Piece” can easily go unnoticed on the corner of Wyckoff Ave and Troutman St. Street Art Candy is a our weekly column dedicated to exploration of street art in Bushwick. Every week we feature one amazing mural that we’ve been passing by and loving. Read more for details about its production and about Milo!

Who:  Milo (real name: Rachel McCollum)

What: “Piece”

Where: Wyckoff Ave & Troutman St.

When: November 2013

Artist says: “It’s part of an ongoing public art project that I’ve been calling “graffelti,” for obvious reasons. All the pieces are hand sewn from felt in my studio and then I install them around.”

Recent Work: “Themes in my work tend to vary, but recently I’ve been interested in making images of objects that play on a sense of familiarity or nostalgia. Emojis are fascinating to me due to the general consensus that surrounds all of their nuances that has allowed them to become a pretty prevalent form of communication. In sticking these images up on the wall, I’m hoping they function similarly to receiving an emoji text. They pop into your frame of vision briefly and you process them quickly. The response is kind of primitive and I think they, perhaps, can tell us something about ourselves. But they’re also meant to be funny. Right now I’m sewing a giant lava lamp. I’ll put it up in the next couple of days.”

From: Huntington, NY

Online:  Instagram @malibumilo & website