I’m sorry to bring it up but… if you’ve never been snapped in action, partying like there is no tomorrow, by Nicky Digital then your NYC nightlife presence probably isn’t that relevant. Photographer Nick Rhodes has been shooting the beautiful and the wild for a decade now, and has created what is now a cult presence at the best parties in New York and online as well.

Nicky Digital & Skrillex (photo by courtesy of Nicky Digital)

He shoots nightlife events every night but, unlike the party-goers, he doesn’t go to sleep as the sun goes up. Instead, he edits the photos he took and uploads them to his website and social media, so that everyone can remember all the crazy things they did, right when they wake up. But frantic tagging in Nicky’s Facebook albums isn’t the only amazing thing that Nicky Digital has allowed us. Nicky has created ten  years worth of priceless documentation of what New York loves and does best – partying!!

We couldn’t pass the opportunity to ask Nick plenty of nosy questions about how one builds a nightlife photography empire – how to get started, how to choose which parties to shoot, and whether you can even make a living photographing parties. And, most importantly, is it all fun and parties, or is it actually hard and dedicated work? Find out yourself in the 3rd episode of Bushwick Lens, and don’t forget to leave us a comment and subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you like it!

Bushwick Lens is an original Bushwick Daily interview video series of six episodes. In each episode we interview a photographer or cinematographer about his/her career, life and advice to those new to the industry with the goal to inspire. You can look forward to a segment coming up on Katarina Benzova, once a model, today an exclusive tour photographer for Guns ‘n’ Roses. Or re-watch the first episode with Ivan Abel, a cinematographer for Depeche Mode.

Bushwick Lens was made possible thanks to CSI Rentals, a professional photo and video equipment rental with locations in Manhattan–and, as of recently, also in Bushwick!

Video credits:

Produced by: Bushwick Daily & CSI Rentals

Directed by: Katarina Hybenova & Logan Seaman

Camera by: Ashley Maas & Katarina Hybenova

Edited by: Logan Seaman