By Allison Galgiani & Katarina Hybenova

Starting to feel that twinge of sorrow? That slight chill in the air? The realization that another summer is about to bite the dust and lead us back to school and fall black and browns, away from the hot days and long nights and our beloved summer Fridays at work. Rather than dwell on this pessimistic train of thought, let go of any dreary thoughts of the summer romance you didn’t have or the book that you didn’t get around to reading. Accept the amazing fact that YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK and, hey, change is inevitable and, thank God, so is the art scene! This week there are a couple of major art events in and outside of Bushwick that will let you sit back, relax, and enjoy these final, glorious days of summer!

If You Trust Us at Apostrophe

1. If You Trust Us @ Apostrophe (FRI 7PM)

….Well, do you?? Take the dare and come check out the performance venue cum art gallery space this Friday. This is the perfect event combining music, art, and even someone’s birthday! Not only will you get to check out the DIY apartment gallery space, but stay for the dance party that is guaranteed to follow.


2. Norte Maar Presents: Edisa Weeks/Delirious Dances @ Socrates Sculpture Park (SAT 3PM)

Don’t miss the second installation of Norte Maar’s curated dance series at Socrate Sculpture Park this Saturday. Choreographer Edisa Weeks work focuses on fusing dynamic and physically demanding dance in a way to evoke the complex nuances of life. A self-described storyteller, Weeks wishes to engage a dialogue between dancers and audience in order to touch something deep and universal; something that is inherently human and universal.

3. NIGHT, the Different Painting: a multimedia art opening and album release party @ Brooklyn Fireproof (FRI 7PM)

Meant to celebrate “night” in its many iterations, Brooklyn Fireproof welcomes artists, musicians and performers to pay homage to night and all her glory. Whether shrouded in myth, worshiped in its power, or based on an understanding of science or astrology, the night has been a source of inspiration, obsession and even fear for many a writer, musician, artist and performer. Come check out these fifteen artist’s versions of their “night,” and stick around for the album release party of a new album my Jonah Michea Judy: Night, the Different Painting.

Harvest Cyclery (photo courtesy Kristen Haff)

4. Extra Screws @ Harvest Cyclery (FRI 8-11:30PM)

Haverst Cyclery, a lovely vintage bicycle store in Bushwick presents a big group art show and a silent auction to benefit Mullaly Skatepark in the Bronx. Earlier in the week we interviewed AJ Nichols, the organizer of Extra Screws, and he told us more about why is it important to keep Mullaly Skatepark going!

fireside follies

5. THE END: Fireside Follies reading series @ Mellow Pages (SAT 7PM)

Not quite visual yet just as nourishing, literary arts will take over Mellow Pages Library (which is now in bigger and more beautiful space at 56 Bogart). Elissa Schappell, Saïd Sayrafiezadeh, Adam Fitzgerald and Emily Pettit will read for the pleasure of all who will come to say good-bye to Bushwick’s popular reading series, Fireside Follies. Yes, it seems that Fireside Follies is ending, at least for the time being. We are sad but also pretty sure that curators Mike Lala and Eric Nelson have something new and exciting coming up! Stay tuned!

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