Image via Slideluck website.

You would have to be inhuman not to love the simple yet fantastic idea behind Slideluck: food + art + community. Photographer Casey Kelbaugh, whose excellent work you keep seeing in The New York Times, is the genius behind the idea to put together potluck with a slideshow of our favorite artists. Since 2007, Slideluck has grown considerably in size, travelled the world, and has finally landed in our beloved pigeon town of Bushwick. Not only is there Slideluck Bushwick II happening this Thursday, but Slideluck has also moved their headquarters to Sandbox Studios, a 25,000 square foot studio on Morgan Avenue.

So make sure you RSVP, and see you on Thursday. Admission is free and beverages will be provided by Brooklyn Brewery, Tito’s Vodka, and Perrier. Bring a dish, and enjoy!

Participating artists, one of which will get a solo show at The Living Gallery, are:

Agaton Strom  *  Amy & Hannah Buckley  *  Brandon Schulman  *  Carly Planker  *  Chelsea Welsh  *  Daryl-Ann Saunders  *  Danny Ghitis  *  David Neff  *  Duane Hosein  *  Erin Lee  *  Henry Hargreaves  *  Jean Rim  *  Jennie Penny  *  Jen Plaskowitz  *  Katarina Rdultovskaia  *  Kim Jun Pyo  *  Megan Costello  *  Meryl Meisler  *  Michael Falco  *  Phoenix Lindsey-Hall  *  Rebecca Davis  *  Tiffany Walling McGarity & John McGarity  *  Todd Seelie  *  Samantha Casolari