I am sure you all remember artist Andrea Bergart who painted a cement truck into a Lisa Frank sensation last year. She clearly hasn’t had enough of cement trucks, because she decided to paint another one with even more sophisticated patterns and colors naming it Kente Mix. Lucky for us, Simon Biswas documented the creation of the second painted cement truck, and created this short film about the process and inspiration behind this wonderful project.

Inspired by Style Wars, a 1983 documentary about New York street art and hip hop culture, and the idea of art travelling around the city, Andrea approached Danny and Tony Mastronardi, who operate several cement trucks on Boerum Street, and proposed the idea to paint a truck. The brothers loved it, and let her paint the second one. Andrea used magnetic stencils, paint and spray paint, and a lot of help from her friends.

The result is a beautiful piece of art, which I am sure makes everybody who spots it on the street, well, happy!