By Allison Galgiani & Katarina Hybenova

While many people will be flocking to Randall’s Island for the second annual Frieze New York Art Fair and the plethora of other fairs that have temporarily infiltrated our fair city, the art galleries of Bushwick/Ridgewood have put together a collaborative Gallery Late Night in honor of the art-centric occasion.  This weekend’s installment will prove to be even bigger and more exciting with over FORTY participating galleries spanning across our entire neighborhood!  As we take pride in our dear Bushwick and Ridgewood, and congratulate ourselves on its prowess. From 6-10PM come enjoy the gorgeous weather from and check out some fabulous art! Don’t forget to follow the fabulous beta version gallery map!

When you go, make sure you:

1. Catch the peaceful and powerful paintings by Art Guerra as he attempts to capture the fleeting moments between day and night at the opening of Slippery … At Dusk at Sugar.

2. Prove to yourself that painting is NOT dead – witness the breathtaking paintings by Mike Olin at Parallel Art Space, as he breaks down barriers between abstraction and referentiality.

Mike Olin at Parallel Art Space (photo courtesy of Parallel Art Space)

3. Marvel at the beauty, grace (and flexibility!) of both Julie Lembeger and the lithe dancers that she captures with her documentary photography at Norte Maar!

Julie Lemberger at Norte Maar (photo: courtesy of Norte Maar)

4. Embrace your inner hypochondriac at Anna K.E.’s installation I Suppose My Doctor Is Dead, opening this weekend at Interstate Projects.

5. Consider the question of value and matter with the minimally inspired works of Tai Yin Ho at TSA.

6. Get lost in the rich pop, cinematic, and calligraphic references in the digital prints of Rosaire Appel at Schema Projects, trying to decipher as you go.

7. Revive yourself with the dynamic group show Resurrection curated by James Prez at The Active Space as the artist tackle dichotomical conundrums such as destruction versus creation, waste versus treasure, and hiding versus revealing.

Resurrection (photo: courtesy of The Active Space)

8. Have a candy from Paisley Kang if you dare…The candy is in a fish tank full of snails, right at another gallery of The Active Space building, Associated.

9. Close your eyes wide shut as Brittany Markert takes you In Rooms at Fuchs Projects that are full of mystery, subtle provocation and guilty pleasures.

10. In the mood for more photography? Hit the road (and the neighboring space to Fuchs Projects) to absorb whimsical moments with Alli Miller and Trey Burns at et al Projects.

11. Worship gray and nothing but intrinsic gray, in the quiet two person show Eigengrau at Storefront Bushwick, featuring Frank Webster and Lauren Seiden.

Lauren Seiden at Storefront Bushwick (photo: courtesy of Storefront Bushwick)

12. Get lost between the ISLANDS, a site-specific installation by Aakash Nihalani at Signal gallery over at Johnson Ave.

13. You need to talk to Nicholas Kuszyk over at Secret Project Robot about a little bit different art he’s making.

14. Attend a colorful silk screen party of Leo Brian because it’s a closing night at David Kesting gallery on Boerum St.

Brian Leo at Kesting (photo: courtesy of David Kesting)

15. Experience strangely unsettling sculptures of Melissa S. Armstrong in her solo show NUMINA at Brooklyn Wayfarers.

Melissa S. Armstrong at Brooklyn Wayfarers (photo: courtesy of Brooklyn Wayfarers)