Whether you’re a writer or a visual artist, you probably love sketchbooks and journals.¬†Joshua Cummings and Hassan Karimi surely do. As they say in their Kickstarter video, they had been looking for a sketchbook that combines several different kinds of paper like tracing, water color or vellum paper to allow for an idea to develop throughout one book. “I thought it was a common thing but nobody had it,” says Hassan in the video. And so these office buddies got together and created KLINE – and it looks like a truly beautiful book that we all should have!

Great news! You can get your hands on one tonight, that is if you come to their launch party held at Kave from 8 to 11PM. Both founders will be present and,¬†in addition to the sketchbooks, they are promising beverages and music. I don’t know how about you, but I need that sketchbook right now!