Here in Bushwick, we’ve got our own coven: The Witches of Bushwick, a community collective, was founded by Christine Tran and Anne Alexander about a year ago to foster artists and artisans and to give them a platform to launch projects. But they also throw badass parties (i.e. they once hosted a a tattoo & tarot bash).

Tuesday’s magic ride will host three DJs – Ayn Rand (who changed her name from “Randy Ayn”) playing electro-house, HD on hip hop, and Moombahton beats by Monstar. “We wanted to throw a party where you could actually dance,” says Tran. “These DJs are really good at reading the pulse of the crowd.” Also for the first time Witches is casting a visual spell – performance artist Signe Pierce, the “hyper-reality babe” who takes on pop personas like “Miami glitzed-out Barbie,” will rap and bring a video element. Plus jewelry-maker Sarah Brown will sell her BushWiccan handmade pieces ($12 – $38, credit cards accepted).

The events are all-inclusive. “This is not just a queer party,” says Alexander. “More than anything, here’s where you’ll meet someone and say, ‘Holy shit, I want to work with you on a project,’” as opposed to finding just a hook-up scene. That said, work hard, play hard, right? Also, regarding the rumor that Witches might open a bar, Tran and Alexander say that they are looking for a physical space where they can share ideas and launch projects and that it will likely have a liquor license, but that they are thinking more along the lines of a community art space that offers, say, recording equipment for bands, and backdrops for photographers. But nothing’s confirmed yet. Also, props to Jane Virga, the bewitching co-owner of Tandem, who has hosted these renegade lovelies since last July!

Check out Witches at Tandem this Tuesday, 10PM to 4AM. RSVP on Facebook here