Art to your life is like chocolate bunny to your Easter. It is not advised to go without art for too long. Get your dose of artful Bushwick every week! New exhibitions in Bushwick usually open rain or shine on Fridays and Saturdays; ongoing shows can be seen during gallery hours that by average fall on weekends 1-6PM. This week, we are excited for life-sized portraits, photographs and lots of new media art!

#1 Marginal Portraits, or Insides @ Centotto (Friday, 7-10PM)

Here at Bushwick Daily, we have a soft spot for Centotto, an apartment gallery run by Paul D’Agostino on Moore Street. This Friday, Centotto opens a show called Marginal Portraits, or Insides that will feature paintings by Kerry Law, mixed media works by Dumitru Gorzo, photographs by Maureen Drennan, and sculptures and video by Nathaniel Lieb. We are excited to see the works of Kerry Law, who is well known to Bushwick art community thanks to his silent repetitions of Empire State Building. On Friday we will see his lesser known work – two large portraits among others. (Katarina Hybenova)


#2 Everything Must Go @ Fuchs Projects (Friday, 6-10P M)

One of the most prolific photographers in the the area, Rafael Fuchs hasn’t stop working for a second since he opened his gallery, Fuchs Projects at 56 Bogart. Everything Must Go is Fuchs’ fifth solo show since they opened in August 2012 (besides the work of Rafael Fuchs, the gallery has featured the works of several interesting photographers from the area like Worm Carnevale or Petros Chrisostomou). Fuchs says that there is no discrimination between editorial and art, between document and construct, between technology and affect…As a largely photography-based blog, we at Bushwick Daily can’t help but be really happy for a quickly growing photo gallery in Bushwick. (KH)

Installation shot via Fuchs Projects Facebook Page.

#3 distENDed cinema: temporal flow in the wake of sound… @ Outpost Artists Resources Ridgewood (Sunday, 7 PM-12 AM, $7)

Outpost Artists in Ridgewood has a big audio visual night coming up this Sunday. They have invited a plethora of video and sound artists and scheduled a number of realtime performances for their first installment of A Realtime Media (Audio Visual) Performance series at Outpost Artists Resources. The second night is planned for June, and they are still accepting submissions and/or any sort of help. (KH)


#4 Bunny Rogers & Filip Olszewski’s “If I Die Young” @ 319 Scholes (Thursday through Sunday, 2-6 PM)

After their collaboration on the Sister Unn’s project (2011-2012), artists Bunny Rogers and Filip Olszewski joined forces with art critic and curator Gene McHugh. Their installation If I Die Young explores the themes of childhood, loss, and identity. The first part of the installation is located in the front space and consists of twelve computer speakers playing audio from Youtube covers of The Band Perry’s song “If I Die Young” made by young girls. On display in the rear gallery are ten custom-made, twin-size blankets on watermarked photos from an Internet-based child modeling agency. The photo is replaced by the average overall color, the agency’s watermark color remains embroidered into the wool fabric. The installation will be going on until Sunday March 31st and is accompanied by this website. Check it out! (Dimitrios Manousakis)


#5 Book Release Party ‘Truism’ @ Transfer (Sunday, 7PM)

This Sunday, Transfer gallery is inviting you to get your hands on one of the 30 prints of the limited edition book Truisms by artist Alexandra Gorczynski produced for her current exhibition. Cocktail party and a book signing will be followed by a screening of new work produced at the gallery as part of Alexandra’s exhibition. The book release is part of the innovative model of Transfer gallery – the proceeds from the sales of the book will help funding future installations by artists working in computer-based media. (DM)

Alexandra Gorczynski at Transfer Gallery (photo via Transfer Facebook Page)