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Dear lovely wonderful readers, you know that you are my favorite creatures on Earth, right? You very likely also know that here at Bushwick Daily we love you and our neighborhood so much, we can barely sleep at night from all the thinking about how can we improve each single post. It’s virtually all we can think of! And so particularly with the new season in mind and the new school year symbolically marking a new beginning, we have decided to appoint more editors dedicated specifically to our most popular sections. I picked from the pool of amazing contributors who have been with us for some time now, and who have been doing an outstanding job showing great judgement and leadership skills. Our new editors are:

Emilie Ruscoe, News Editor (

Frances Gill, Food & Drink Editor (

Essie Graham, Fashion & Shopping Editor (

Who are they? Emilie is a former Gothamist intern and contributor to Brokelyn. She covers politics, art and culture and loves the weirdest stories best of all. She is an avid Twitter user, so give her a holla and a follow!

Frances grew up in restaurants, spending summers rollerblading through her family’s barbecue joint and late winter nights sneaking into her mom’s tavern to help her close up. Now, she loves nothing more than trying out a new local place, and watching Bushwick evolve into a culinary destination.

Essie is brilliant photographer, former fashion photo shoot producer and a mom. Originally from upstate NY, she has lived and worked in London, and now she’s back in Bushwick, ready to create the most awesome fashion editorials ever!

Emilie, Frances and Essie are joining forces with the existing editors Maria Gotay (Music), Allison Galgiani (Art), Wesley Salazar (Literary & Copy), and your truly (Editor in Chief). I am also super psyched to announce that thanks to the continuous support of our sponsors and partners, Bushwick Daily is able for the first time to modestly pay the editors for their amazing work!

Stay tuned for the fantastic Bushwick fall!