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While we’re getting mentally prepped for spring and all of the seasonal sniffles it brings, environmentally, we’re still in in the thick of winter’s sick season. According to the Center for Disease Control, there’s been some spikes in flu activity recently and common cold weather culprits like colds, stomach bugs and strep throat are hanging on tight for the foreseeable future.

So don’t toss out your family sized bottle of hand sanitizer just yet. Instead, keep reading to pick up some helpful tips for staving off this season’s sickies. Plus, learn when you need to seek medical care, courtesy of ModernMD Urgent Care right here in Bushwick.

How to Dodge Late Season Sickness

Making it through an entire winter without using any of the “sick days” you’ve been saving for summer is THE crowning achievement we all aspire to. The key to ensuring this personal win? Going the extra mile to prevent getting sick at the tail end of winter in the first place. After all, nothing sucks more than a pre-spring cold, especially when everyone else is walking around in light sweaters and enjoying the new warm weather.

To keep your health game strong, don’t give up on your germaphobic sick season diligence prematurely, ModernMD suggests. Just because the weather is warming, make sure to continue vigilantly washing your hands, steering clear of sick co-workers, and avoid holding the subway pole with your bare hand at all costs (at least until mid-March).

Additionally you should continue to do your best to get a decent night’s rest, drink lots of water, and eat well rounded, vitamin packed meals (think heavy on the citrus fruits and leafy green veggies) to bolster your immunity.

When to seek medical care

If you’re unlucky in avoiding the remnants of this winter’s cold and flu season, the team at ModernMD Urgent Care conveniently located at 366 Knickerbocker Avenue (between Stanhope and Stockholm Streets) is here to help seven days a week, no appointment necessary.

ModernMD’s providers will get you solid answers on what ails you have and will develop a treatment plan that helps you get better, faster. After all, since many winter illnesses are viral in nature and may not require antibiotics, many of us often feel that our time’s better spent in bed than trucking it to urgent care.  

If you’re feeling under the weather and are experiencing common viral symptoms like fever, body aches, upset stomach or chills, stop by ModernMD to see if an anti-viral medication can help to reduce the severity of your symptoms and cut down on the amount of time you spend feeling sick.

In Case of Emergency

While most winter illnesses are par for the course, if you’re experiencing potentially life threatening symptoms such as difficulty breathing, blurred vision, chest pain or uncontrollable vomiting, please head straight to the closest Emergency Room or call 911.

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