Chances are, if you have ordered takeout in Bushwick near the Myrtle-Wyckoff area, you’ve seen Sapore Di Italia come up on your Seamless options.

However, you may not know that Sapore Di Italia offers so much more than just really awesome pizza. The Harman Street eatery has a new look, and food and drink specials every day of the week. 

Aside from their—again, very delicious—thin crust pizzas, Sapore Di Italia offers fresh pastas—made in house—and classic Italian dishes like Pasta Pugliese, Fiocchi and pork milanesa that will change the way you think about Bushwick’s Italian food game.

At the suggestion of the restaurant’s manager, Tim, we tried the cavatelli vodka (cavatelli pasta with prosciutto, sauteed with creamy vodka and tomato sauce). We were a little skeptical when he told us that customers had requested jars of the restaurant’s vodka sauce alone, but after trying it, we definitely get the hype!

As if Sapore Di Italia’s scrumptious carb-loaded menu options weren’t enough to keep us coming back, Tim also mentioned that the restaurant is in the process of offering late night drink specials. “We have a special for every day of the week, we alternate sometimes but for the most part it’s Monday: a pizza and a plate of pasta for $20, Tuesday is a beer and burger for $13, wine Wednesday (all day happy hour and $5 a glass), Thursday is dollar beer night, Saturday is the late night happy hour as well as menu, it starts at 9 p.m.; Sunday is two entrees and an appetizer for $35,” he said. 

In addition to these awesome specials, Sapore Di Italia is also offering late-night bites like a habanero burger, jumbo wings, rice balls, and crab cakes. 

Sapore Di Italia: the one-stop Bushwick Italian food spot that keeps on giving! Stop by to sample the goods any day of the week at 245 Harman St.  

We’ll see you there! 

All images by Ramon Pebenito for Bushwick Daily.


Sapore di Italia

Delicious Italian kitchen with a relaxed vibe.

 245 Harman St., Bushwick (off the Myrtle-Wyckoff L & M train stop)

 Monday-Thursday 3pm-12am; Friday and Saturday 1pm-1am , and Sunday 1pm-11pm

 (718) 484-8008 

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