If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit too busy for traditional dating. Not like I don’t find myself in many bars, but who’s really trying to make love in this club?

I’ve tried just about every dating app known to man. OkCupid is like a revolving door of crazy stalkers, Bumble is full of bots and douchebags, and Tinder… oh Tinder. The bane of the dating app world, Tinder has crushed the dreams of every normal-esque person who just wants to go on a freaking date. One that is outside in public and with things purchased. Enter, The Inner Circle: an app that feels like normal dating, just taken online.


Unlike those other apps, Inner Circle shows you the six degrees of separation between you and your potential date, using your contacts and social profiles. Knowing that he or she is a friend of a friend of your ex is good info to have before you decide to proceed.

 You’ve had it with BLANK profiles

Hey asshole, I’m on a dating app, obviously I want to know more about your personality. Y U NO TYPE WORDS? Thankfully, the Inner Circle uses personality trend words like winelover, omnivore, vintage hunter, and others to help you figure out the interests of a particular person.  

 You’re too old to “chill”

You know by now that “let’s chill” is the ultimate fuckboi invite. While you might not be looking to run off to Vegas and get hitched, someone willing to be seen in public with you is a high priority. The Inner Circle has date spot suggestions so even if you’re new to town, chilling doesn’t have to be your go to.

 You want to date humans

AI is cool and all, but most of us are looking for a warm-blooded human to snuggle up to. Bumble and Tinder are packed to the brim with bot profiles, but on the Inner Circle, every profile is vetted (by a human) so bots don’t stand a chance.  

 Matches no longer excite you

In addition to bots ruining your chances of finding someone real, swipe-geist remains a thing. Some users rely on fancy robot attachments to save their fingers from swipe fatigue, leaving you but a drop in the ocean of likes. Seriously what’s the point of being on the app if you’re just going to like EVERYONE?

 You feel things on a spectrum

Unlike the plethora of dating app disasters, Inner Circle, lets you choose between message, match, or wink at someone, giving you the opportunity to express your feels on a scale. You know like in life. Now you have a way to get around the awkward moment when your platonic friend’s new profile pops up. “Did you swipe right on me? I did on you!” (shudders)

Don’t take my word for it, jump on The Inner Circle and start exploring with someone new! You can find the app in the GooglePlay Store and the Apple App Store.