In New York City, extra space is a dear thing. Most of us could go for bigger apartments—but sometimes one’s square footage wants, or needs, are a little more unusual.

What can you do do when you need temporary storage space or a venue for a one off art show and every place you can think of is either the size of a shoebox or already at capacity?

Look no further than Raw Space For Rent, which works just like Airbnb, but for any kind of space!

Raw Space For Rent from Jeffrey Reeser on Vimeo.

What can you find on this new site? Backyards for weddings or shared gardens, a parking place to call your own or an attic that can be used for storage. Find or list short-term spaces for pop up shops, warehouses available for music video shoots—you name it!

There are a lot of companies that rent out office space or event locations—which is great if you need a cut and dry office or event space. But with this site, you can search for any space you need without looking through a million websites.

The innovative new service launched in Ojai, California in February of 2015. Its founders, Cindy Convery and Andrea Keir, are two creative professionals who are well acquainted with the challenges presented by seeking raw space using traditional platforms for space rental.

The company has already earned itself praise from users who have used the platform to find themselves beautiful wedding venues and tranquil shared gardens, among many other things!

The company’s expansion to space-scarce New York is bound to provide locals with lots of opportunities to discover spaces perfectly suited to their individual needs available to them right in their own neighborhoods—or wherever else they need to work, play, practice, party.

Check out the site to see what kinds of spaces you can find for yourself—and follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and details about prime featured spaces.

Happy space finding, Bushwick!