SPONSORED- Furnishare is changing how New Yorkers think about furniture. Instead of making an expensive, long-term commitment, now you can save thousands of dollars by choosing only the items you need- and only for as long as you need them. Furnishare takes all the stress out of making a big furniture buying decision. Will you love that couch forever? Will it even fit in your next apartment? When you use Furnishare, you don’t have to make a lifetime commitment.

Furnishare is super easy to use- just browse online for the items you need and add them to your cart, and choose your subscription period (the longer the term, the lower the monthly rate). When you’ve got it all sorted, Furnishare will bring the items right to your door- no more back-breaking work or expensive moving vans required. Delivery is completely complimentary.

Furnishare is also great if you already own items that you can’t- or don’t want to- take with you on your next move. Instead of dumping things on the curb and taking a financial loss, open a Furnishare account and let other people rent all your great stuff. Furnishare will pick up your old items and rent them for you, and you get paid when someone decides to rent them.

It really is that easy to let go of the idea that furniture is a lifetime investment. With Furnishare, you can embrace all the freedom that life in the Big Apple has to offer- and save money while you do it.