Anthony-Philip-and-Brandi Wills

With more than 60 art galleries, Bushwick has a legitimate claim for the title of New York’s center for cutting-edge art. At this point, Bushwick almost seems greedy. How many hip galleries can one neighborhood have?

One more, apparently. Last week, Anthony Philip Fine Art opened its doors. On a balmy Brooklyn evening, the gallery’s inaugural show, “A New Landscape: Works By Barb Flunker and Jeremy Rabus,” brought in a large crowd of art lovers and collectors.

The exhibit brings together the work of two emerging St. Louis artists who use landscape as a launchpad to explore the human experience. On opening night, gallery-goers had the chance to meet artist Barb Flunker, and to be among the first to view Jeremy Rabus’ “Persistent World,” which premiered at the event.

Top: Brandi Wills and Anthony Philip. Photos by Julia Mason.

Barb-Flunker-Anthony-Philip-Fine Art

Barb Flunker

Barb Flunker’s found-object assemblages blend the industrial and the organic into a narrative about the physical and emotional journeys in the artist’s life. Flunker prefers to do her work in a natural setting—often beneath a favorite pine tree—and isn’t a fan of paintbrushes. She creates her evocative pieces by manipulating recycled materials (chickenwire, cords, fabric) with her hands.

Flunker’s use of balance and texture yield a kinetic sensibility reminiscent of the movements of water. Standout pieces include “Roadtrip One” and “Roadtrip Two,” three-dimensional odes to the artist’s travels that evoke undulating terrain.


Jeremy Rabus paintings

Jeremy Rabus’ abstract paintings are gestural attempts to examine the the role of circumstance and unpredictability in shaping one’s life. The artist builds his compositions by layering “intuitive gestures” and vibrant areas of color. His high-contrast works are inspired by an appreciation for childhood memories, cartoons, and the archaic graphics of early video games.

Anthony-Philip-Fine Art-Bushwick

Established by husband-and-wife team Anthony Philip and Brandi Wills, Anthony Philip Fine Art is located in The BogArt, the former industrial warehouse filled with galleries and studios. The gallery is dedicated to introducing original works by emerging contemporary artists to collectors of all means. They believe that anyone who loves art should be able to own it.

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