13 Ways to Get Your Bushwick Carpet Dirty (And 1 Way to Get it Clean)

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A Bushwick carpets have undoubtedly more exciting lives than any carpets in other New York neighborhoods. Just think about all the exciting ways how your carpet can get dirty.

#1 Your apartment art show of performative 3D printed dragonflies went viral on Facebook and 200 pairs of muddy sneakers stomped on your Persian. (Rug, not a cat)


#2 Your Persian cat Snickers went overboard with grooming and yes… those hairballs ended up on your Persian rug.

#3 You and your casual acquaintance Cassidy have decided to make a homemade wham film.

pie in the face

#4 While you didn’t pay attention, Snickers the Persian cat went ahead and ate all that whamed cream pie. And subsequently threw it up …on your carpet …with some hairballs.


#5 You thought it was a good idea to offer your apartment as a safe environment for your BFF’s home birth of her first child into a pool.

#6 You can’t really tell if it was drinking or drawing that turned out to be the breaking point for your carpet during last week’s drink & draw session for the 40 of your closest friends.

#7 An intimate night of whiskey and pickleback did leave its mark on your social standing… and on your carpet.

#8 You didn’t want to believe that Snickers the Persian cat was capable of swallowing three whole pickles while you were talking to that babe. She was. You know because the carpet complained.

#9 You got a little too excited running back to the futon/Netflix corner of your room with your Pita Palace Seamless Web order and ended up decorating the carpet with it.

#10 You organized this Bedouin party on your roof last weekend…. #truestory

The oasis has grown after the summer showers. Come celebrate with Mira, Satori, Daniel Cowell and Bedouin. #zeroparty #hk3 #zero #rooftop #oasis #bedouin #mira #danielcowell #satori #bushwick #bk #nyc

A photo posted by Adrian (@noamarpe) on Sep 13, 2015 at 11:48am PDT

#11 You woke up to a waterfall sound at 4AM only to shout “No! No! Not the bathroom!” and tried to push your 230 lb roommate towards the correct section of your apartment. #truestory

#12 You applied a 3-second rule to salvage a loaf of artisanal goat brie from your carpet.

#13 Snickers the Persian cat only thought she is an artisanal goat brie lover. But she wasn’t.

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