Crossfit on ‘Shrooms: Get in Shape with Free Trial Classes of Liberation This Week!

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Summer is coming…

Now that the garbage/snow has permanently washed away, it’s time to start focusing on more pressing issues at hand. Mainly: will you pull be able to pull off that g-string swimwear at Rockaway Beach in eight weeks? It’s quite the predicament–we know–but that’s why we’re super psyched to hook you up with Bushwick’s own Fitness Wizard, John O’Mahoney, creator of Liberation, a 7-week course to total body transformation. And guys, the time to get on board is now, because all this week John will be offering FREE preview classes leading up to the next 7-week round of Liberation starting April 6.

It’s Something Like Crossfit On Mushrooms

We like to think Liberation is truly a workout a la Bushwick. It is comprised of seven weeks of progressive classes (three classes per week) that include a yoga-based warm-up, guided meditations, and Kettlebell and bodyweight workout techniques with a focus on specific personalized instruction within a group setting. Think crossfit on mushrooms, equal parts fun, wild and educational, all in a really safe and supportive setting!

The primary message of Liberation is that working out is a form of self-love and not a punishment; eating well is about finding MORE pleasure through food by eating what nourishes you; and expressing yourself creatively is essential to building a happy life.


Along with 21 workout classes of personalized instruction in a group setting, you will learn how to add more nourishing foods into your diet so that your transformation lasts a lifetime. You’ll look at food in a whole new way! Also part of each class are guided meditations that will instill the principles of self-love and self-honor, further cementing the commitment you are making to yourself by adopting new habits that serve your unique way of life. Additional perks include a 2-month full membership at Green Fitness Studio, a Movement and Health Screening, a Nutritional Manual, and one 30-minute post workout massage!

Sign Up For Free Preview Classes

If you read all this and you’re totally ready to rumble, or if you just think Liberation might be something good to bring into your life, then seriously don’t hesitate to try out a free preview class this week. The classes are scheduled for 7AM (MON WED FRI), 11:30AM (MON WED FRI) and 8PM (MON WED THUR) at Green Fitness Studio (232 Varet Street).

So invite your friends and try out a preview class this week or next. Enrollment is open until Friday, April 10th. Then the glory train pulls out of the station till after Memorial Day.


There will be no WED 8PM Preview class this week. The WED 8PM class will begin next week.

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