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Brooklyn-based Fitness Wizard, John O’Mahoney, known in Bushwick for his 7-week Liberation Course, a 21 class body transformation program, which he regularly teaches at Green Fitness Gym, has announced a surprise “warm-up to Burning Man” edition of his funky fresh fitness program. This is a very special once-a-year opportunity for New Yorkers to apply for a spot in Radical AbunDANCE, which will include 21 fitness classes, a nutritional program to stimulate a fat-burning metabolism, emailed health tips, and special workshops led by health, sex, and wellness experts. This special edition will also boast live DJ sets during select classes as well as dance party cool downs.

A belief that self-expression is integral to your health, a love for wild costumes and energetic music, and the gifting economy of the famous desert festival have inspired John to change this one special session a year from the usual price of Liberation of $597.00 to… a gift that will enrich the experience of the Liberation community as a whole. John believes that everyone has something in abundance that they can summon to contribute to creating an incredible experience for everyone involved.

John O’Mahoney has led hundreds of people in Bushwick and beyond to transforming their bodies and minds alike. People who sign up for Liberation train three times per week in small groups using fine-tuned fitness techniques while marrying modern science with traditional, nourishing principles of nutrition to create a lasting lifestyle change.

“After a year of building the Liberation Program and celebrating all of the success my clients and myself have enjoyed, I wanted to give something back. Brooklyn is home to cutting-edge artistic communities, truly forward thinkers, and the wonderfully weird and unique individuals that make this city the greatest in the world. I like to say that out here ‘we are living in the future.’ I want to reach out to anybody that wants to get strong and sexy while celebrating the spirit of creativity and self expression that Burning Man represents. I will use the abundance of  tools at my disposal to make NYC and the playa a more beautiful place this year by helping people bring their strongest, sexiest selves to the desert or the Rockaways,” says John O’Mahoney when asked to explain his ideas behind Radical AbunDANCE.

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O’Mahoney himself attended Burning Man for the first time in 2012, and he found it a life changing experience: “About half way through my week in Black Rock City, I realized that I was an integral part of the event just by showing up and expressing myself openly. I was enriching the experience for everyone by becoming a part of the art. I want Radical Abundance to be a similar social experiment,” added Mr. O’Mahoney who is attending the festival in the desert this year, and giving a presentation called “The Transformational Power of Water and Gravity.”

Anybody who wants to sign up for Radical AbunDANCE must submit an application here.