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The Red Bull Music Academy NYC Festival continues this month with “Hardcore Activity In Progress”, taking place May 16 at Knockdown Center. And just like Oprah, we’ll again be giving away free tickets to the show! Hardcore Activity In Progress will be a showcase of the most extreme sounds across every genre from metal, jazz, hip hop and noise. Read on to enter the drawing!

Last year Red Bull Music Academy made history with Drone Activity In Progress, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that took the best and loudest avant-garde artists, mixed them together in a giant door-factory-turned concert venue in Queens, threw in three larger-than-life sound systems, passed out earplugs, and watched what ensued.

This year, Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York has done one better with Hardcore Activity In Progress. Like last year, the spectacle will go down at the Knockdown Center in Queens, Nuit Blanche will again deliver an unparalleled multi-sensory experience, and Roberta’s Pizza will provide refuge outside for those trying to escape the overpowering intentional noise bleed. But this year, the event will blow open the doors genre-wise, showcasing a sampling of the most extreme recording artists in metal, techno, jazz, classical, noise, hip hop and beyond. It’s a showcase of music that exists at the extremes of their genres, and as such, here’s a guide to the diverse artists playing the event.

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The diverse lineup for the show will include Tim Hecker (experimental music), Skullflower (drone rock), Napalm Death (Grindcore), Gunplay (Hip-Hop), Lubomyr Melnyk (classical), The Thing (jazz),Regis (techno), Bastard Noise (“powerviolence”), Wolf Eyes (noise), Okkyung Lee (classical), clipping (hip-hop), Yoshiko Uhara (vocal music) and more.